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Current Projects

​Our Car TV show concepts let enthusiasts see, hear, and enjoy awesome cars without having to leave the comfort of their homes (or their garages). Many of the best TV shows about cars have enjoyed decades of success not only because they showcase great (or not-so-great) cars to their viewers, but also because they incorporate automotive DIY tips, opinions, interactions, and sometimes, buffoonery, to keep their audience engaged.

Nowadays, when most shows can be seen on demand via several free or subscription-based streaming services, many people have become more critical or more selective of which car series or shows they should watch first – or even watch at all. Rusty Bones has created shows that showcase the latent African American car building experience alongside the changing aftermarket consumer and professional which believe will connect with audiences. Our concepts follow proven show concepts, yet our casting of talent, world perspective and even some of our makes and models provide a fresh remake of proven storylines. 

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