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The Restomod Factory


Go Deep into City Classic Cars for a behind the scenes look at one of the largest shops in the country led by the Restoration King, Sabra Johnson. This is a “reality” based digital series that allows the viewer to see the raw and real road to restoration through this documentary style feature with some creative camera angles and edits. The series features Restomod builder Sabra Johnson And his team of world class craftsman. Much like tv shows, the show restomods an old and worn-out project. However, instead of a scripted reality tv series, the docu-digital series follows Sabra and his crew serving clients in Houston Texas and around the world his unique recipe of the 60/40 split. 

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It show Sabra and his crew building turnkey restomods in record breaking turnaround times as the worlds largest minority owned shop in the world. The show gave the viewers a real world glimpse into how a major restoration shop works verses tv shops with special visits and interactions from clients. The viewer can feel the budget limitations and the time constraints.

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