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Horse Power Ranch


 The foundation of performance development HPR follows the Johnson clan as they manage their family’s horse and cattle ranch in the Magnolia Texas.  At the forefront of the series is Sabra Johnson, a gifted car builder whose passion and care for classic cars is built along the philosophies and principles he has learned training and caring for horses.  Over the course of the digital series, we see the children grow up and mature into a confident young women who are lovers of the Houston Cultural Rodeo Scense and follow the elite rompers and barrel racers of the sport while practicing their scenes under the shadow of the magnolia moon.

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Matilda is the glue of the Johnson Family and the Ranch Foreman of the ranch whose heart is broken each time a horse is adopted to a new family. Matilda cares for the goats, horses, cows, dogs, and her family with wonderful joke cooks meals and the best livestock feed on the market. This story showcases the rich and vast tapestry of Houston racing roots with cameos from legendary horse trainers and toppers across the Black rodeo circuit.

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