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Restorations By Sabra allows viewers to go behind the scenes of one of the largest shops in the country led by the Restoration King, Sabra Johnson. This is a “docu” digital series that allows the viewer to see the raw and real road to restoration through this documentary style feature with some creative camera angles and intimate storylines. 

Horsepower Ranch is a private family horse ranch nestled in the Texas woods. It is home to champion Quarter Horses and an impressive collection of classic cars and trucks.

Legendary award winning restoration of exotic and vintage Porsche, Ferrari, Custom Muscle Cars, SEMA Hot Rods and Truck projects with an attention to unsurpassed details, originality, authenticity, advanced engineering and period correct works of Art! 

The Builder Series as taught by Sabra Johnson at the SEMA SHOW  is a captivating series that gives attendees an opportunity to gleam the wisdom of the largest African American Car Builder in world as he teaches his 25 step process. 

 3 year campaign that travel the country discovering hidden talent in the aftermarket. Sabra’s passion was to showcase diversity of the aftermarket by using his contacts and resources to shed light on the diversity of restorers working in this traditionally monolithic work space.