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The CR Patterson Car Builder Legacy: from slavery to automotive manufacturing

The CR Patterson & Sons Builder Legacy series almost feels like a aftermarket historical documentary. The CR Patterson & Sons Builder Legacy is a show that pays tribute to the great American cars of the past, as well as the pieces of American culture that they helped shape. 

The authenticity we seek comes through from frame to frame as the largest black car builder in the world today, Sabra Johnson, shares the historical relevance of CR Patterson story while interweaving live action shots of the Greenfield-Patterson recreation, spliced with interviews of active aftermarket professionals across the country and interviews with renown scholars on the subject black pioneers in the automotive space. The host, Sabra Johnson, does his job like a seasoned veteran and the search for truth of the original Greenfield-Patterson car- believed to be a forgotten relic of the past is enthralling to watch.


The plot is similar to other car automotive docu-series shows, where the goal is to start from scratch with the hopes of showcasing a restored old car by the end of the show or series, but the process of discovery is a difficult one that takes time away from the build process as Sabra travels the country for clues, while the deadline of the museum is fast approaching and Sabra has other pertinent shop business making this a dramatic must see experience, and therein lies the reality factor we don't always get with other docu -series shows. Further, the vehicle on this show is not only rare, but the first recreation of said vehicle in automotive history with the stakes being creating a museum quality presentation, and that's always a bonus for gearheads and historians everywhere. It is a story of hope, triumph, fortitude and the vibrancy of the American Spirit. 

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