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When it comes to restoration, Sabra Johnson is a leading theory leader, skilled builder, and a change evangelist all rolled into one leading one of the largest restoration companies in the world.


Restorations By Sabra offers colorful, charismatic characters using their impressive skills and experience to modify, restore, trade, and sell classic cars--transforming todays rusty realities back into their glorious past while adding modern features.


This show shows the human side of restoration and redemption as Restorations by Sabra is a second chance employer and mentor to at risk youth. Viewers can watch amazing cars take shape and the lives of real people take structure all through the power of restoration. Sabra and his crew design, build and restore people, places and things from the ground up. 


At Restorations By Sabra, every car is a problem, every client has a time sensitive dream, every staffer a compelling story, parts are delayed, deadlines are tight, and the only standard that's acceptable is absolute perfection all making for some captivating must see edutainment.


The long hours, tough builds, hard-to-hit deadlines + life trauma and drama increases the odds. Will the car get built? Can the new technician overcome his past demons? Might the teenager chose the right path? Will Sabra’s new theory prove profitable? Was the auction flip a success? Can people truly change? Or maybe there exist too much drama in one place for automotive success, there is one way to find out, watch the Restoration King. 

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